Thank you for all of your support!

Sarah and Laurel have decided to dissolve the Agency Arts partnership. We are so proud of all of the work that was done in Act One and ACT TWO, especially of all the work done by the incredible young people we were lucky enough to work with and our phenomenal teaching team. We both continue to work towards recidivism prevention through the arts, but since we have decided to move forward separately at this time, out of respect for the collaboration, as we close this chapter, neither of us will continue doing work as Agency Arts. Thank you to everyone who supported us during this incredible year! It was more successful that we could have imagined and are so incredible grateful for all of the support to make such strong programming. 

You can contact us at:

Sarah Kay Peters:

Laurel Bulter: 

We serve individuals at every facet of the cycle of recidivism.

Diversion programming is about empowering people to make positive choices to self-determine their own life path. Agency Arts believes that all community members deserve the opportunity to engage in high-quality arts-education programming: to experience the therapeutic benefits of the creative process; to feel the pride and accomplishment of artistic production; to develop the creative and critical thinking skills that support the vision of alternative futures; and to re-route the pipeline of their lives from incarceration to education, artistry, leadership, and community.